Free 2 B Me by Ken Clifton

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Free 2 B

This is just a temporary setup post, as I craft Free 2 B for use next year.  This page will focus on the next election and our freedom to be ourselves free from government, party, and church regulation of our choices in our faith, bedroom, wardrobe, or ballot box.

The GOP have shown themselves to be driving fast toward a fascist church state, where they decide what is best for you to live your life, as well as who deserves to die from hunger or disease based on their income level.

Therefore, beginning Jan 1, I will be posting 2 confessional races per day to expose these frauds... BEFORE we see more GOP sex and financial scandal crimes they do on our dime.  It is time we took back our country for ALL OF US and in the spirit on which thiscountry was founded... FREEDOM.

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