Testimony of My Experience in Religious Right

You will notice that I have a very critical bias concerning the religious right, and I wanted to do a post from my past to explain why.

Ok...so now that the evangelicals left as soon as I said that with their fingers in their ears.. My past...

I do not criticise from ignorance but knowledge from both having a B.S. in Religion (in Bible Studies) from a foundational college of Evangelicals from Liberty University; but I also attended several non denominational charismatic churches over decades... Such as Carpenter Home Church where I worked security for them during the Rodney Howard Browne laughing revival and was a greater for Lifechurch in Tulsa for over a year.  I used to drink the communion koolaid myself, and I read every charismatic publication, read many Rhema books, attended a Benny Hinn annointing service, and wrote several supernatural books myself...for which I now repent with eyes opened.  Also, I have known many "Christians" that illustrated the very concetns I had as I got further into the cult.

Yes.  I said cult.  If you are still in the modern evangelical church, you need to take a step back.  Look objectively.  Does the modern church represent the love pf Jesus, who healed without asking for a donation or citizenship or even religion?  Do they stand for faith alone or a specific brand?  Are you free to disagree with your minister?  Does your church that collects money even MINISTER...do they have food for the poor or shelters?
The modern evangelical church is a fraud of Jesus. They erect leaders (in church and political) to say what they want to hear, and they follow riches, which Jesus specifically condemned; and they promote the law, which Jesus died to end.  It is SUPPOSED to be about love.

However, these evangelicals are not interested in pleasing God... Only themselves, which is why they vote for the party of the rich instead of defense of the poor and is how you end up with situations like ... 1. My ex that works in a church and pays no child support and defrauds the government claiming to be disabled...while working 2 jobs ...but makes sure my daughter knows her Bible verses....and 2.. The Lifechurch I was greeter for failed to visit when my daughter was in the hospital for 10 days and didn't pray for her, after.

So...yes.  I reject my past with the church of the day, and I choose to be more Christian as a Christian WITCH... Knowing that a loving witch that follows Jesus is more like Jesus (who also didn't attend an established church in his day but spoke in fields) than they...with the added bonus that I know it will really piss them off.  ;)

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