The "professional" Illusion ("Little" Jobs Are Big)

I got an MBA and worked at the IRS, IBM (for Marathon), and Sutherland (for Shell)" and was rewarded and promoted. 

So, i speak from experience, when I say the "professional" distinction and ego of being better than others for their degree is Bull S***.  In all of these jobs, nothing from my degree was used.  Where training was provided, it was provided on elementary to middle school level, but rarely instruction was given, since the tasks were simple data entry, and training manuals were provided...and then some companies like Sutherland add a layer of untrained managers, as well.

I say all that to say... None of them are better than you.  They just have more toys and access and literally anyone can do their job...a job that answers to greedy and ignorant bosses.  So, just do what you like doing and be happy being happy.  You are richer than they.

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