2017 .. The Year the GOP Committed Suicide

It was bad enough that the Evangelical backed GOP voted for a confessed adulterer that cheated on each of his wives with the next one.  Then, in a surreal display of insanity, we watched the GOP cheer, as their leader condemned all non extremist groups and limitations as unpatriotic... And in so doing ensured the GOP could not count on the support of immigants, other races, other religions, anyone lgbtq, hollywood, news media, black football players, women, etc.

But, I think the deathnail was Roy Moore.  He will go down in the historical reports of the end of the party.  It would have been bad enough if the President had alone endorsed this man, but ... Then... The GOP leadership officially endorsed him, marking in the history books that a party officially endorsed a sex offender for public office.  

There is just no way to spin that.  Even the argument BY the President of...better him than a Democrat... Fails logic.  By that reasoning, we must elect a kkk leader... Or bank robber...or drug dealer.  However it is spun, the party is promoting a violator of children.... That IS the history that will be written.

And, so, the party will fall apart.  It has already begun.  The other Republican Senator from Alabama said he wouldn't vote for Roy Moore if given the vote.  Bush has openly condemed Trump for other reasons.  Meanwhile... The Evangelical base cheers Trump... That will not change; and, they will attack all Republicans that try to moderate, as they have McCain.

It is not the first time a party has died.  We have had Whigs, Federalists, Democrat-Republicans, and more.  The Evangelicals will remain the biggest block of the dying GOP, as others form a new party or join Democrats, everywhere except the Religious Extremist states where they will remain the majority and... Armed and aggressive likely launch a new civil war as "the south shall rise again" to defend their "right" to persecute... As the same states did a century and a half ago.  

Honestly... This time I think the rest of the states will tell them adios...need a wall?

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