Culture Not Conspiracy #1

Originally posted on my old blog.  Moving each of the 10 to this blog for their future home.

As the news broke, today, that Trump campaign leaders Manafort and Gates were indicted on Conspiracy against the USA and other charges, social media went crazy with celebrations... Which is a sign something i have been saying needs to be highlighted, so I am launching a 10 ppst series on this concept...

It's CULTURE not Conspiracy

Right now, people are looking for connections between Trump and Manafort or other GOP leaders and Trump, because they believe there MUST be a direct line between Trump and how he deceived almost half of the country...thinking that if that is revealed they can invalidate and eliminate the threat.  The problem is they are looking at the SYMPTOM not the infection.

Trump didn't sway tens of millions to be like him.  He was ELECTED by people like him.  It's not a campaign talking point that naive Republicans bought.  It is what those voters wanted to hear.  That does not excuse Trump.  It just means that if we "get" Trump by exposing his greed, deceit" power moves, etc without shining a light on the morals of his audience, they will just claim they are just being attacked for "being themselves" .. Which of course they are saying that..  That it is a witch hunt.  We should not recoil from that but say... Yes, we are.

When "being yourself" means treating women as sex objects... You should be condemned.  When "being yourself" means racist and religious rants against entire groups of people or holding down people of other color, you should be condemned.  It is not a coincidence that the same states that voted for Trump also fought a war because the North was attacking their "culture" of being able to OWN people.

Normal people KNOW this is the problem, but no one wants to set off their racist grandpa, and being polite they nod along.  And, that has led to one of those racist grandpas being elected by many others.  Unless we deal with the PROBLEM of a destructive culture in our midst, the infection will grow, leading to many other SYMPTOMS in the future.

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