Culture not Conspiracy 10: Gender Prejudice

I was browsing magazines at Barnes and Noble, last night with my wife, and I came upon a chart in the most recent magazine of Psychology Today.  It was listing "sex differences" between men and women.  It was a very telling thing that under men it said "aggression" and under women "empathy." 

Unfortunately, that is true.  Men start wars... When was the last war you can think of that was started by a woman.  Meanwhile, we even stereotypically visualize caring professions as women... Teachers, nurses, food stamps case worker, the degree that when someone with male genitalia is in one of those professions, they are met with judgment...even from women. 

I recall when I was a "stay at home dad" for years, I was met with suspicion and criticism by both sexes. However, the problem was not that I was there...doing the work of a mom.  It was that I was called "dad"... A label I didn't like, especially when my ex was being honored on mother's day while working AND father's day was for the provider' which was also her.  It wasn't the role that was wrong, as I liked what i did and who I was doing it.  It was the MAN label.

And, that is why it is important that even that article noted the differences between "sex" and "gender" saying one's gender identify does not correlate with the physical chromosomes.
MEN ARE aggressive, competitive, crude, hunters, fighters, and I believe the source of ALL these society culture ills that are destroying us (whatever genitalia those men have), while women are soft, respectful, thoughtful, and CARE about their fellow human....ironically caring for women and men alike, even as men don't even care for other men saying in chorus with the Biblical Cain, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

So, I reject the label of man, because I know what that means which does not reflect who I am and choose woman, because it is the only one of which I associate...and THAT is called Transgender.  Instead of being the twisted lust driven sickness the GOP would have you believe, it is a reflection of truth and reason...while the GOP men seems the ones unable to restrain their desires from the news.  It doesn't men I have to change how my body looks... Sex and gender are separate.  Nor does it mean I am homosexual... I think men are uncaring (which is unattractive to me) and love and am turned on by my wife...who likes me as I am.  All it means is I stopped pretending to others to be what I am not.

And, regardless of the reaction of others, it calms and brings joy to the only one I have to live with in my own head..  Me.

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