Culture Not Conspiracy 2: Corporate Classism

Repost from my last blog.  Always True.

For my second post in this series and first topic, I am choosing classism and more specifically Corporate Classism.  It is an illusion most other things in this series.. Is ignored by the public even as everyone knows the truth.  Namely, it is the carrot hung out to make people believe they can be rich, even as the entire system is designed for the reverse.

To illustrate this I need to start with the false carrot hung out to the public... College ... Or more specifically the method by which the poor are led to believe they can go... STUDENT LOANS.

We have ALL heard the commercials and know the lies, and most of us have participated in them.  YOU TOO can study your way to riches.  Come to our school in one of these HIGH PAYING jobs, and you can live the life of the rich.  But, even aside from the greed of that temptation, is it even TRUE? 

Well, let's consider the outcomes.  The rich go to these colleges, and their bill is paid for by daddy.  Then, they come out and get to keep every dime they are paid.  Meanwhile, the poor that was drawn in to attend are allowed to do so by taking out government backed loans FROM THE RICH.  So, they graduate and get a job, but they have to pay the rich back out of every paycheck WITH INTEREST!  The end result of the college system, then, is as a very effective mechanism to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The corporations feed this beast from start to finish.  They set degree requirements for their job that is unconnected to the job requirements... So you have them asking for an accountant degreed person to add up numbers in an excel spreadsheet that does all the adding FOR colleges can say THIS is the requirement for this job.  

Then, they hire from the most expensive schools first, reinforcing that you need college loans and ensuring they get less poor people but rich ones, and the poor graduates have to settle for a low paying job after college loan debt.. Netting less after student loan payments than they would have made at McDonalds.

Then, once hired, the culture continues.  From my own experience in this world this is what happens... The newly hired, low paid, graduate gets very little training of the company by the rich managers, because they are expected to just KNOW the specifics of unique companies since they have a degree, and managers are hired as MANAGERS from other companies experience... Meaning they know nothing of how to train or do the jobs under them.  So, the rich managers are paid well for doing nothing but watching the poor do the good little plantation overlords ... 

With the expectation from above that they cut costs (Including salaries) to make more money for managers further up that make more money and do less... And NONE of those at the top have student loans.... They own the banks that issue them.

So, while we talk about what this rich guy did or that corporate scandal, maybe we should take a step back and pay attention to the game they are playing to own us all.

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