Culture not Conspiracy 5: Wealth as a Virtue

When Donald Trump was running for President, Republicans said that...yes... Trump had no experience managing any public office or experience as a soldier or law official or teacher or doctor... All fields that would play a part in the understanding of the issues with which he was tasked... But, they countered, he was RICH, so that showed he had what it takes to care for the nation.

The problem with that is that is defies reality or logic...and even basic math.  The fact is that the rich got rich from charging much more for their goods than they had to and paying less than they could.  So, they lied to both suppliers and customers... More than their competition.  I'm sorry but that is just how business works.  Further, from your OWN EXPERIENCE, how has your managers been about your family or personal needs?  Do they routinely say... Take as much time off as you need and take a pay raise.  No.  One almost universal truth is we all hate out bosses...and the higher the manager, the less they know you exist or care what you need.  Indeed, A Christmas Carol is based on this very reality.

So, where did we get the notion that the highest execs that are very practiced skimping from others to make themselves rich are...better people?

Personally, I think the most rich should not only have their wealth taxed but taken away, and here is why.  It is one thing to make enough money to live comfortable without fear, but when you are past that and even past the point that you can spend it up in a year but you just let it pile up WHILE THE POOR are DYING within miles of them without even the rich NOTICING... That is not a virtue but a very clear illustration of GREED and gross neglect of HUMAN decency and in MY book is a crime for which they should go to jail.  If you CAN help and CHOOSE not to, that makes you an accessory to whatever befalls them, next.

Wealth is not a sign of moral superiority or even AVERAGE care.  It is a trophy that they won the contest of who cares MOST about themselves, and that is all any of us should expect to receive if they lead us.

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