Culture not Conspiracy 6: Freedom .. To Attack and Bind?

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The news of the day is that another shooter took aim at innocents in this country BY AN AMERICAN SHOOTER.  An estimated 24 are dead.  This is an all too common news story, such that if you said, "Did you hear about the shooting?"... The response would be... Which one?

A few months ago, it was a shooter in Las Vegas that killed 59 and injured 500.  According to CBS we are averaging one mass shooting per day, so far this year...not one victim... One SHOOTING.  The number of dead was at over 300 for 2017, as of a month ago.  But, what was the response of gun loving GOP states?  Defend the shooter... With Republicans saying this is the price of freedom.

Skipping the stark racist hypocrisy that immigrants are not given such a pass on violence, this is perfectly in line with how abusers view freedom.  While our ancestors came to this country to freely worship how they want, the GOP says their FREEDOM to tell YOU how to worship is being attacked.  Imagine if England had come back by saying... How dare you attack our FREEDOM to establish a church?  Similarly, while African Americans celebrate being literally FREE from chains, the confederate and their modern day followers fought for the FREEDOM to OWN them.

It is a perverse twist but one that has become all too common, and I have personally heard several in the Midwest in the last year saying the left are violating their FREEDOM to condemn gays, trans, muslims, other races, and liberals.  Yes indeed... They are "victims" to have to see them as PEOPLE, and God help them if those people want to kneel without permission. 

To allow THAT is an insult to.... Freedom... Apparently.

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