Culture not Conspiracy 7: Celebrity Experts

"I'm not a doctor, but i did stay the night in a Holiday Inn Express" tv ad

One thing the last year has shown is the effects of #america voting on star power, instead of political experience and qualification.  In the 2016 election, you had one person that had been in the White House, Congress, State Department, and a state's governor's mansion.  On the other side, you had someone who had NO political qualification or experience at all... But he was a STAR of a TV show... So that makes him qualified... Right?

Then came the effects... Little by little.  Within the first few days, Trump said he had no idea how big the job he hired cabinet officials to do it for him.  Yet, almost every cabinet official nominated had no experience in that field either.  An education Secretary that had wanted to close the Ed dept, an EPA head that had no experience with environmental issues, and so on.  Even this week we heard that a 4th judicial nominee by him was declared unqualified by the bar association.

But hey, they are POPULAR so that means they can do anything... Right?  This is a problem in our society that predates Trump or recent politics, even though it helped bring them into office.  And it primarily affects the GOP voters and culture but not exclusively.  Someone is your pastor, so of course they can speak on family, gender, war, etc... Right? Someone is a veteran, so of course they are a moral authority on EVERYTHING... Right?  A pastor has a degree in the Bible (if even that) and is qualified to speak on that.  A soldier is qualified on how to KILL... As that was their training.  And, how many mass shootings by former vets does it take to realize their morals should be questioned, too.  When i served, I was surrounded by former convicts and others that bragged about using women, and one was arrested for attacking one from the unit i was in.

Experience is experience.  What you have done qualifies you to do the same.  It is when we ignore that that we end up with monkeys running the ship, and we are accomplices to the damage that happens when we let that occur.

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