Culture not Conspiracy 9: Winners and Losers

All of our past Presidents would rise up in their graves, if they knew what passes for being Presidential... Like our President routinely calling others "losers."  But, this is the world we live and losers.

When confronted with the fact that Clinton got more votes than him, he responded by saying others were just mad that he "won."  When describing the mass firings he did all across the country, his justification was he "won."  Indeed, he must have said that 50 times, since he was elected. 

However, this is the President that says he has the BEST this and the biggest THAT (overcompensating). His goal in the Presidency is not to improve his fellow man but to beat them and enlarge his power.

But, as with everything else, he didn't start this in his followers.  They voted for him since they identified with him, and competition is a KEY male definer.  If you imagine a man, where do you see him in your mind.  Probably you see him watching sports competition, leading a business over others, getting in a fist fight, fighting a war, etc.  They are all about beating others....having a bigger share of the pie. 

And, that is the problem.  There is only one pie.  There is only so much money, etc.  For every winner, there are many LOSERS.  Trump would have you be angry at the losers, instead of sympathetic.  That is why it is GOP men that speak against giving participation trophies to losers and tax payer benefits to those that didn't WIN in life.

It's actually not a new concept.  It's called social Darwinism...for as much as they dislike evolution...and it means the strong should win and the weak should dwindle and die....and it was the foundation principle of Hitler's Nazi mentality.

Of course, in order to uphold this view you must eliminate one basic emotion... LOVE.  You cannot heap up riches, if you are donating to the poor.  You cannot lead, if you allow the wishes of others to direct you, and you cannot WIN if you leave the race to help others across the finish line.

Life is not a race.  It is a community experience.  Those that WIN in their lives are the reason others lost.  If we care to improve our world, it is time we started punishing winning at the expense of others, instead of encouraging it.

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