Facts Contradict Criticism of Obama

It is no surprise that Republicans would be ignorant of the facts of the Obama presidency, since they eat up Foxnews video version of National Enquirer style tabloid "news."  indeed, their candidate becomes President and one of his first picks to lead not only the White House but the NSA is a tabloid writer.  And, republicans that are used to getting their sources of all things scientific, biological, financial and more from someone only with a Bible literature degree eat it up.  This extends to criticism of Obama, as well.  He was a "bad President" they say.  But, if you ask them how so...things get fuzzy.  So what do the facts say?


The government's own labor statistics page shows this..

Following the financial crash that happened under the last GOP President, Obama took over with nearly 10 percent unemployment.  During his terms, that was cut in half.

Dow Jones

I do not look at wealth as a sign of success of a country but greed of a few.  However, did Obama keep businesses from growing in stocks?  No.  In fact, this is how the dow went.

So... Surely, if the market is up and people are working, he must have cut healthcare or exploded the debt...right?

Actually, we extended healthcare to millions of the poor and CUT the national debt.

The GOP have built their entire reason for being in power on the lie that Obama was a failure, and it is time we blew up that lie.

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