Free 2 Criticize Christmas?

To hear Trump and the GOP it has been illegal to say Christmas, despite the abundance of evidence to the contrary, and the other side is lining up to say no one is critical of Christmas.  Well, my post is to say ... Why CAN'T we criticize Christmas?  I know I have a lot of life reasons to do so.  Should I be forced to celebrate it when.... ex works at a church and does not pay a dime of her daughter's upbringing...  NO child support to me, despite her working multiple jobs.
...all of my kids will be getting presents from parents that fail to provide or complain providing for them and combined kept us too poor to give as they shine as "mom" or "dad"
...less than a month ago, the evangelicals behind this holiday popped champagne to celebrate getting rich by cutting healthcare and are at this moment planning to cut medicaid, medicare, and social security
...almost none of the churches holding expensive "christmas" services have a single poverty aid program at their church and no one is serving soup kitchens at the service.
...the almost universal symbol of Christmas is a PAGAN TREE that has nothing to do with Christ sister and mother who tried to force us to celebrate Christmas with them the last two years have not offered a dime in any of our financial struggles and broke into my house and carted off my things, till I demanded their return with an apology...only to getba note saying have va nice life oldest "christian" daughter that under my ex's care failed out of college, so I put her up in my house, paid for her college, drove her back and forth to school and fed her...threw a fit when at 20 I expected her to work at a job and ran off to her unsupporting mother to avoid paying even a bit of her own costs.
...the Evangelical "minister" that married me went on my Facebook page on my bday a week before my marriage to post that I was a heathen, despite being told the reverse.  I am not a fan of Christmas, but the bigger question...instead of do I support or attack the day...SHOULD be... Why am I being told what religious day to observe by THE PRESIDENT...a direct violation of the freedom of religion and establishment of it in the CONSTITUTION?  

That should be the real question, and the fact it is not being asked is a sad sign for liberty.

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