Paid for Work or Class?

When I was in the military, there existed a division within the troops that, as I would discover, exists in the civilian world, as well.  It is a division between the large majority and a few others.....enlisted and OFFICERS.  

For those that don't know what that means, wjen you start as an enlisted soldier, you begin as a private (in the Army...other branches have other names for all these levels).  Then, you elevate to specialiat in the field you are in.  Everyone can relate to this in their own field..newbies and experienced workers. At this point I will pause in the enlisted ranks to jump to officers...for reason you will see.  

The officer branch is those that make decisions on leading the troops.  Now, you would assume that the leaders would come from specialists...those that know what the job is and how best to do it.  But, you would be wrong.  Officers come in new, as well.  However, the lowest newbie officer can order an experienced specialist what to do.

So...what makes them different?  In order to be an officer, you must have a college degree.  Yup... Much like our society, those with money for college get to tell those without money what to do...and that is exactly how it goes.  In all my years in the military, we never saw ONE officer roll up his sleeves and WORK... They just sat back and watched others do it for them....those paid much less doing the work of one without experience or effort.

Sound familar?  Yes... This is the President and most of society, today, where those with a degree in a field (often paid for by daddy) tell those who have been working for years and are paid much less what to do, while they sit back and revel in their CLASS privileges.

So...remember that the next time the GOP Rich Life Officers in their corporate offices protest giving poverty aid to the poor, because they didn't work for it.  Neither do they?

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