The Crusades.. A Revealing Issue

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Being that I like to shine a light on issues and things others would rather keep dark, recent events has shown me that one question nedds3 to be addressed... Were the Crusades GOOD or EVIL?

This .. Like was burning witches a crime... Is one of those things Evangelicals have never answered publicly... Even though many Christian schools have Crusaders as their MASCOT, and it is one reason I refuse to step into any evangelical church, today.  When there is such a perversion of the love of Jesus as to kill in his name, it requires public denouncing, because the culture that brought it about still resides... Similar to slave owning states that did not denouce the confederacy putting up statues to those generals, waving the slave owners flag, and GOP endorses Roy Moore saying this week that the last time the country was good was when we had "slavery" (his word).

The adage is that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it...and how can conservatives learn from it, if they never talk about it or denounce it?

And, so, the news of the week is that Trump has officially recognised Jerusalem as capital of Israel, and he is moving the US Embasy there.  What are the natural dominoes of such a move?  Well... The Muslim civilization that have lived there for hundreds of years before there WAS an Israel disagree.  Yes... For those who have not heard (conservatives), the country of Israel was imposed on the residents by the West, who came in and brought jewish people and said... This is their country... So accept it.  I wonder how the people of Oklahoma would feel if the UN did that with Native lands and said it is no longer USA... Or Mexico with Texas... Or England with the East Coast?

But, to hear conservatives, Trump just achieved sainthood by declaring a city occupied by Muslims for thousands of years Israel...a new crusade.... Foget that the last crusade (much like the creation of Israel) was troops marching in and killing innocent families in the name of God....and we wonder why they hate us?  

So, yes... It is a very relevant issue if this is reflective of our FREEDOM of our country or LOVE of Jesus...before we let Trump do it again in the name of convenient distraction and politics.

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