Weekend Internet Chatter Analysis

I am going to start doing a weekend review of internet chatter that I have been seeing.  Over the years, I have developed a near perfect ability to call how the "dominoes" of people and events falls in the world of politics.  So, i will share my predictions on the blog.

To begin this series and for this week, there is a rumour from Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee that Trump plans to wait till Congress adjourned for the year and on the weekend directly before Christmas fire Mueller through his FBI Director.

While sounding outrageous, recent events and Trump plans make it possible.  

First of all, Mueller has started demanding documents of Trump's financial records from banks.  He has just requested and received Trump transition team emails.  And, recent officials charged by Mueller are making deals pointing to the Trump family.  

Next, Trump TV (Foxnews) has started following a script narrative in the last few weeks, after the above happened, attacking Mueller and laying the groundwork for their supreme leader to so so, citing them as reference.

Finally, Trump has scheduled a statement on December 22nd. It is possible that is, instead, to announce a war distraction to both mueller and the wildly rich tilted tax scam, but it is easier for him to fire Mueller (which is also a tax distraction) than convince the generals to launch a crusade.

So, I predict Trump will fire Mueller, if not next weekend then very very soon.  When he does.. 

...major press outlets will draw comparisons (rightly) with Nixon firing his investigator.
...Democrats in Congress and across the nation will demand impeachment.
...Republicans will refuse to impeach, and as they set the hearings and bills as majority will obstruct justice.
...the next Congressional election will begin, as the GOP will have shown their Fascist loyalty to their dictator, and Democrats will use it to vote them all out of office in November.

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