You Think You Can Leave?

So, it looks like I will be moving back to Oklahoma.  My wife's ex has been bringing lawsuit to bring us back the 3 hours distance to where he lives, even though we followed the procedure of notifying him, and he participated in the modified agreement we gave him with travel costs past the date he had to object.  So, we settled into our new location with lots of job opportunity and twice the uber income as Tulsa.  It looks like we would win that case, but "winning" means continuing to deal with this ahole for transportation every two weeks as he plays victim, even though till this he only took 1/3 of his allowed days with them, rarely messaged them, never went to school functions but..  Hey... He should be able to dictate where those kids live so he drives less 

Gotta love the conservatives view of "freedom" ... As I said in a culture series post, it means freedom to enslave..  Whether that be a wall to control movement, tell women how and where to live (in Handmaids Tale she also couldn't escape), or allowing an uninvolved "dad" that missed his deadline the "liberty" to drag us back and kiss his mobster ring.

Whatever... All this means is that like my ex not paying child support (another dictate by an uninvolved "mom" we have to go along but can let everyone know who made the kids lives worse to their own ends.  Not the best way to get them to like you, I would think..  But, so be it.

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