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Arizona 2nd District House Seat (Red in Blue)

Today is Jan 1st, so as promised this begins my posting of races of the seats most vulnerable to flip from Red (Republican) to Blue (Democrat).

The first race is the first alphabetical state on my page of GOP seats held in Democrat territory... Arizona's 2nd District House of Representatives.

The current Rep is Martha McSally.  However, prior to her it was a Democrat seat, and she won it in 2014 by less than 300 votes.  Also, the state of Arizona voted for Clinton in 2016.

It should also be noted that following 2012, the district's borders were redrawn...resulting in GOP wins.  If this bothers prepared for this blog to bother you, as this line redrawing happened a LOT in those years.

She voted for the bill to cut healthcare and give tax cuts to the rich in December.  According to Wikipedia...

"She discounted polls showing the bill as being unpopular among voters calling it 'hysteria" 

So... Why should she listen to her own constituents, if she thinks she knows what is best for them. It is time for her to go and elect a Representative that...well.. represents.

On this page, you will find the Democrats running for her position, including Ann Kirkpatrick that is a former US House member from the 1st Congressional District.

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