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California 21st Congressional Race (Red on Blue)

The next vulnerable House of Representatives race is California's 21st district.  It is currently represented by Republican David Valadao.

However, the district "leans 5 points more Democratic than the nation as a whole, according to the Cook Political Report'sPartisan Voting Index."  Also, as a whole the California state is Democrat voting.  This district is primarily Hispanic, which won't have interpreted Trump's racism very well.

According to this page, his leading Democrat challenger at date is Emilio Huerta.  

Valadao ... KNOWS his party is on the opposite side of his constituents and issued this statement about Trump's Racist remarks about immigrants...

"Rep. David Valadao (R) released a statement Friday saying: 'The President's remarks have no place in policy debate and I am very disappointed he chose to use the words he did. Reforming our nation's immigration system is a very serious undertaking -- one that deserves respect and empathy from those involved. We must remain focused on achieving a solution for those impacted by the decisions lawmakers in Washington make.'"

This is only one of several Republicans distancing themselves from Trump in this election year, but remember that they VOTED for his plans for rich tax cuts, poverty aid cuts, and immigration restrictions...before they voiced surprise Trump is what the Democrats have said all along.  Vote them all out.  Even a moderate Republican empowers an extremist GOP majority.

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