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California's 10th Congressional House Race (Red in Blue)

The next US House seat that is a vulnerable Republican seat is California's 10th District.  It is held by Jeff Denham; however, it is in a state that voted for Clinton.  Until the GOP changed the dustrict boundaries in 2011, it was a Democrat seat...solidly and historically.  However, Denham only won by just over 3 percent, and polls have shifted against the GOP by more than that, now.

The race is early, but click here to see the current Democrat challengers, including Josh Harder and TJ Cox, who have the largest pockets in the race at present.

TJ Cox wrote this article in a local paper about Denham support for the rich tax cut bill that cut poverty aid, highlighting how that bill hurts his district.

The Sacramento Bee says of Republicans supporting that bill...

"California Republicans’ decision to vote the party line on things like taxes and healthcare risks losing support from independents. It also opens the door for Democrats to paint them as little more than lackeys of an unpopular president and Congress."

And, lose support they should, since they put profit over their own voters.

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