Free 2 B a Christian Witch #1

The minister said, "For the Bible says, 'you shall not suffer a witch to live.'"

The above is real but did not happen 400 years ago in Salem but in the last 10 years in an Evangelical church I attended.  It is not exceptions to hear an Evangelical claim the Bible as a cover for evil, either.  I know from experience from being educated in an Evangelical seminary to being in the movement for over a decade that verses are claimed for everything from getting rich to controlling others to do their will to more is mainstream. 

And, they are not lying that the Bible does justify them in places.  The Old Testament is full of things like "the Lord" telling them to kill babies in a village they attacked to killing witches to impregnating women, against their will (The Handmaid's Tale highlights that verse).  Jesus, in fact, died in the gospels to free us from condemnation under the same law his followers now use to judge others (directly rejecting Jesus' command not to judge). Yet, the New Testament has it's own justified evils like telling a slave to return to his master and saying no woman should have any power over any man.

I personally think the Bible (if it can be trusted as it was declared infallible by men even it says is always fallible) is a story of God TRYING to engage with man.  Every time he spoke to anyone, that man felt empowered to say many other things as the man GOD ANOINTED to teach..a pride still seen, today, and even when he came to teach them love...they killed him under the law written by men.

So, that is why I choose to be a "Christian" witch...not Christian by evangelical standards but by the standard of the name.. To be.. Like care of the poor, opposing the rich, empowered by faith but not for self.  But, I respect your choice to disagree.  This is ... Or was.. A country of freedom, after all.

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