Free 2 B a Christian Witch #2

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Chapter 1

Help for the Hurting - Faith and Witchcraft

         There was a scene in the last People of Earth that I felt was perfectly fitting for the start of this blog.  One of the people that had been visited by the aliens was at a church meeting and was speaking up in defense of the virgin Mary having an experience that many others may not understand. Afterwards, she was meeting with the priest, and he said she had "stolen the spotlight" from Mary.  The woman apologized and said she was just confused, because she had experienced something and was looking for answers and thought that "that is what this is all about," holding onto a Bible.
         And, caring for the pains (physical, emotional, or mental) of people have definitely taken a backseat in the church of, today.  Putting together my next running playlist for my running profile on pinterest ( ) this morning, I came across a song in my song library from a few years ago called "Is anybody out there?" by K'Nann.  Part of the lyrics are..

"She's really counting on your love
Still struggling uphill
But you act like you don't care
Right now she could really use a shoulder
Hanging onto the edge til it's over
She's crying for your love tonight
Lonely is hard to survive, she said

"I don't wanna be left
In this war tonight
Am I alone in this fight?
Is anybody out there?

"Don't wanna be left left in this world behind
Say you'll run to my side
Is anybody out there? yeah, yeah, yeah"

         And, that describes how the world is....not just today.  It has ALWAYS had those in pain.  It is not a sign of the end, and it is not a bait for salvation.  It is just people that hurt.  However, the church doesn't seem interested in helping ANYONE that is not just saved but in THEIR church and, even then, donations don't go to ministry to help them but to books on the need of Jesus.
         However, is that how JESUS, Himself, lived and taught on the Earth?  Consider.  Jesus spent 33 years on the earth.  In those years, he spent the first 30 building cabinets and doing carpentry work with his dad and helping his mom with chores.  He didn't do it saying....thus does the Lord.  Then, He started doing his "ministry" and ..guess what..he MINISTERED.  He fed the hungry, healed the sick, gave people hope and STILL...get that...STILL THEN...He didn't say, thus does the Lord.  NOR did he ask if anyone accepted Him for salvation before He did ANY of it or even asked them to, after it.  Indeed, Jesus spent his ENTIRE ministry and His entire LIFE helping those He NEVER asked to be saved, never collected a dollar from, and people that believed in OTHER Gods or no God at all.
         However, the church never learned this lesson, but it is not a recent thing.  Even in Jesus days, His apostles asked Him if they could call fire down from Heaven against their enemies, and Jesus told them that they didn't know what kind of spirit they are of (Luke 9:55).  However, long before Him, we have the story of Jonah.  God spoke to Jonah and told him to go preach to those in Ninevah, so they could be saved.  Well, Jonah didn't WANT them to be saved, so he ran away, ultimately getting swallowed up by a fish and spit up on the shores of the country to deliver the message.  Current day conservatives LOVE to talk about this as an example of following God's Will, but they censor out that God's Will was to SAVE people, not condemn them.
         No, the church loves to illustrate this verse as being true..

"16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." James 2:16-17

..and show that their faith is, in fact, just words.  Just this week, there was a news story on the news about the local grocery store and how they had raised so much food for the local food shelter, and I noted to my fiance that there is always a lot of these stories an NOT ONCE has it been about a CHURCH that did it.  Indeed, most of the churches in this area vote for candidates that CUT programs for the poor and hungry.
         These people are not hurting or poor because they are sinners, and most will say, "God bless you," for every donation, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT...see my point, above.  EVERYONE faces good and bad.  Evil doesn't just happen to the bad, and God doesn't just want to help the good..
"that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." Matthew 5:45

         Time and chance happen to all, and everyone faces pain.  That pain is not "the devil" is just pain. Now, it CAN be the devil or a spiritual force of a cause and effect of their own beliefs and actions.  Christians like to believe that things ONLY happen to them, but the very same concepts they use to identify the problems affecting their flock and the very same solutions they give them are MUCH older than the church and not unique to it.  Yes, Jesus spoke about the damaging effects of fear and doubt on your future and the positive effects of faith and hope on the same future.  However, those were things the Greeks at the time would have recognized from THEIR OWN teachings and those of the past.  Current day inspirational leaders hold entire seminars on them, and they don't even TALK about Jesus.  My point?  It is that the invisible can and will have an impact on your life, whether it be negative confessions in your heart,  negative vibes others have against you, or even...yes...spirits.
         And, now, I get to the point of this post and why I am creating a whole new blog with this as the first post.  Recognizing that spiritual laws are universal and non-saved people are facing evil spirits, negative energies, and need hope for their days, will the church be so GREEDY and DEMENTED that it will require them to ONLY get that after being saved and from the Holy Spirit, Jesus...will they support teaching them of faith and hope and the peace of mind that comes from prayer (meditation) or through confession (chanting) or holy objects like prayer beads or crystals to get them to believe in a better day and positive creative energy, wither they be saved or not, so they can be healed of depression and act on their future for a better day?
         Indeed, even if they DO and DID get saved (and I do believe in God and in Jesus and DO think that is the greatest source of positive energy for them if they did but will not force it on them), they will be doing exactly the same thing.  Once they get saved, a "minister" will tell them to believe in the positive, do good (Karma), claim universal powers to cast away negative forces, tell them to chant positive passages, and probably tell them to wear holy objects and follow rituals.  Christians have been practicing WITCHCRAFT for a VERY long time, and there is nothing wrong with that.  They are natural companions, even if those that want to hate look for ANY opportunity to judge others.
         We live in very bad days with violent people and destructive and depressive mentalities.  What harm is there is letting others believe positive things, whether it be Karma, nature, and rebirth, or SANTA for your children?  Believing in good can only be good.
        Therefore, I start my new blog ( ) and will go forward with posts in it to help ALL people to find hope for their days, channel positive energies, step away from negative ones (and people), good confessions, a few suggestions for ways to bring forth invisible energies to impact the visible, and the seamless combination of Christianity and our Supernatural Universe that Christ made.  I hope we all can find peace and love and joy, as a result.

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