Free 2 B LGBTQ #1

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Today, I am launching the third of my series for this page.  The first was an overview Culture Not Conspiracy.  The second is My Testimony.  Both of these will be added to the sidebar was clickable options in the future, and they will fill in days between election race posts.

The 3rd series is Free 2 B LGBTQ.  Later on this week, I will start Free 2 B a Christian Witch.  The point of ALL of these is freedom to be whatever we want, because it is not fitting for anyone to tell anyone else what they MUST BE or CHOOSE.

So, to begin.  I have noted in several posts how over the years I have come to realize one thing that is abundantly clear to even those that know me.  I am NOT like other men.  For a while, I took that as a criticism of men and ego boost of myself.  However, in recent times, I realized the reason I was not like other men is that by GENDER I am NOT one...only by sex.

At this point Conservatives are confused reading this...but isn't gender and sex the same thing?  No, and it isn't sexual attraction, either.  Nor is it a choice...though if it were a choice I should still be allowed to make it.

Gender is the box of characteristics, likes, hates, etc that describe the msjority of those that fit in a group...the middle of the bell curve if you will.  MOST men are like this....most women like that.  So...while most MEN like conflict, power, leading, things, results, using women, career advancement.... I not only DON'T but I despise those qualities (that will come in later).  I would rather have peace, love, respect, communication, laughter, beauty, and enjoying the journey over where I am going....which just so happens to describe the majority of WOMEN in the bell curve.  That is called Trans Gender.

Now, once Gender Identity is established, you must then figure out what you are attracted to.  For example, some of those with male sex organs with a female gender want to be with a strong man of those qualities.  That is fine.  They can find that in those of both body types.  As for me...this feminine gender person does not like to be near anything masculine and is turned on by my loving and beautiful wife, who happens to have chosen me BECAUSE I am like I am.  So... By appearances we are a normal couple...male body and female body.. But GENDER is another story...and while we would be accepted for our relationship, it was the roll of the genetic die and could have been very different.  So, we should suppport ALL combinations of sex, gender, and attractions that exist.

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