Free2b LGBTQ #2

LGBTQ is about freedom.  It is various groups that banded together to say...I may not fit in your group, but the other side hates all of let's fight together.  As the GOP rises and exposes its agenda, the groups they are publically condemning are growing.   It's...Muslims from these countries or those countries to all Muslims to Mexicans to Blacks to women to Puerto Ricans ... And the list goes on.

Of course, the reason is... Like racism... For bigots it's not about a particular difference they dislike (which would be bad all by itself) but themselves.  Like all self centered narcissistic people, it’s not that they consider others BAD but that they consider themselves GOOD....and, since they see themselves as the definition of right, all others are wrong.  So, for Hitler for wasn't that jews were evil but that white people are better...a belief our current President seems to adopt as well.

So, just remember... The GOP doesn't hate you for being gay or being trans.  They hate you for not being a white, male, conservative, hetro, Evangelical; and in that battle.. You are not alone.

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