My Testimony Against The GOP #1

I have decided that in addition to my blog posts highlighting races for the Democrats to win over Republicans I plan to post personal posts about my own experience.  I thought it was less important for being just me, but I think it is actually MORE important for me...and all of you.. To speak out.  At the end of the day, they can deny our opinion, but they cannot deny our TESTIMONY.

So, to start this series, let me talk about corporate loyalty and the last 6 months.  6 months ago, I had just lost my job.  I applied to dozens of places but got no offers...even when it seemed I was a shoe in.  After all, I have an MBA and 5 years accounting experience.  Then, it started to dawn on me, as I turned to former IBM co workers that were managers for hire and they said they were not hiring... Even as I saw job postings.  Then, as my applications were calling references, the offer would fall.  It us not IBM alone but Sutherland.

To fully explain this betrayal, a few pieces of context.  When I worked at IBM I was hired as a backup on a desk and within 4 months I would be deemed so good that they put the work of two people on myself.  Then, they gave me a 12 thousand dollar per year promotion and made me a consultant.  During this time, I also manually stopped lines from going out due to a technical glitch that did not error and in so doing saved the client 2 million dollars.  However, I got tired of them overworking me.  So, after I asked for help on the desk and was denied I walked away.

Next, Sutherland is the worst structured and nanaged company that I have ever worked for.  They trained no employee from local management, because no local manager knew how to do the job.  They celebrated getting half their work done on a monthly basis.  They selected me to test and design their new system, but those using it had not a clue what they were supposed to do, yet all the blame for the deadline failures were put on new hires.  So, I gave my notice.  However, they valued me enough to offer me 10 thousand to stay 3 months.  I refused.

So... You can imagine my surprise that MY career advancement is being hindered by those same AHOLES that used and abused me, but least THEY have a job being unethical, while they actively put into poverty the one they celebrated using... IBM LITERALLY threw me a party as I left.  Now...not one of them stayed in touch or helped as I financially struggled because...I wouldn't let them use me for profit.

This is my TESTIMONY of GOP Corporate oil and gas accounting in Tulsa.

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