My Testimony Against the GOP #2

After a week of hearing Trump filing lawsuits to silence witnesses from reporting what they saw in his administration, my next post in my Testimony Against the GOP series, where I tell what I see and experienced of the GOP. Today, the Religious Reich and Poverty in Tulsa, OK.

Locally, Evangelical Christians refer to their city ad the "Holy City," as it is home to many concentrated groups of evangelicals under the banner of Oral and Richard Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, and others.  It is more notable for church scandals, nowadays, than oil of which it was once a world capital.

So, surely, having so many Christians there is no poverty or need...right?  Wrong.  Indeed, at various times over my history living here off and on during 3 decades, I have attended Oral Roberts University(a semester), Victory (associated with ORU), Rhema, and Lifechurch.  In ALL of that time, not once did I see them have a food drive for the poor, shelter for the homeless, or such.  Not once.  But, they have really big buildings and professional grade music concerts....and that is what Jesus would want...right?  Wrong.

I recall when I was working at Lifechurch as a greeter for a full year and my daughter got sick and had to go into the hospital.  I told them that I had to miss service as greeter for it.  Yet, in 10 days in the hospital with her, not only did the church not financially help with it, but they didn't even VISIT, and upon my return didn't even PRAY for her.  That was my last Sunday in a Evangelical church, anywhere.  Even IBM visited and helped, and that is my next point.

It is not that charity does not exist at all in Tulsa.  You can see it in TV stations collecting for the poor or companies holding soup lines, but nearly ALL of that is OUTSIDE the church, while the Evangelicals sing how great they are and how God will give them riches from everyone else (it has to come from somewhere).  

Indeed, if you look at the area around the megachurches in Tulsa, it looks like the area around casinos...desolate and run down, as the pastor rolls up in his expensive car, brags about his plane, and wears diamonds... Paid for by the giving of the very ones attending that live in those homes in the promise by the rich pastor that THEY TOO can be BLESSED, if they follow their example.. Just like every Multi Level Marketing scam in the world today.

You may not like hearing it, but that is my witness and testimony of what I saw in my own life participation in the movement into which I planted much SEED but received no bread.

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