My Testimony Against the GOP #3

Today's topic of testimony from my past to deflate GOP claims is the VIRTUE of the VETERAN...criticized by awarded one of their definition of...veteran.

I serviced 6 years in the National Guard and 2 years active duty in the military.  I was not some desk jockey soldier, either.  I was in artillery.  For my time in the service, i was awarded the Army Achievement Medal, soldier of the month for the battalion, 2 service coins and was chosen to be the 1st Sergeants driver in the field, and training room manager when not.

So, did that cause me to have great respect for those that serve?  No.  It gave me a broad perspective and testimony for just how these men are and what they do.  Further, it is not a secret among soldiers, so any of them that puffs themselves up by association are LYING to you.

There are no women on the gun line...only in support roles, and that is a good thing.  I think the men on the guns talk 80 percent of their time about using women's bodies.  Is someone does not join in they are called "gay" or such, insultingly.  Porn was out in the open, and they would talk about women's bodies and what they would do to them.  It was always in that they would USE women...not how they would LOVE them and just like Trump, they didn't feel they needed to ask for it.  It was something those women OWED them for their service.

But, this was the kind of people that CHOSE a job killing others.  We had in our gun line former convicts and they would talk about how this prison was over that one.  Some would openly talk about the things they had done or planned to do.  As the 1SG driver, I was present as the police carted off one soldier to jail for raping his wife.  

So...yeah.  I have a problem when the GOP has redefined EVERY holiday to be a ... "Will all the veterans please stand for applause"  I cringe when they have foxnews guests on to discuss the morals of this or that or proclaim someone qualified for any cabinet post due to being a veteran or even General.  Once upon a time that MAY have held some validity, but the soldiers we have in the ranks did NOT choose the job "for their country."  I think I met a handful in my whole time that did.  The rest were there for college money, having no where else to go, or...worse...liked killing. myself... Are due more criticism than reward.

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