No Good Deed Goes Unpunished with GOP - Testimony 5

Pausing past examples for a minute to give current ones from Tulsa, OK...a state as Red as Red can get (GOP).

This has been a hell of a few months.  As I relate my story, pay attention to motivation and choices.

Last year, as we were finding it hard to have employment and was applying at like 50 places and driving Uber on higher bills, I got a job offer fpr higher pay 3 hours away.  So, as state law requires we told my wife's veteran ex of the job offer and move.  He did not object.  We gave a 30 day notice to apartments.  

Then... The Heights at Battlecreek Apartments to Battlecreek Church in Broken Arrow...charged me the entire move out bill at the start of the month (while still in the 30 days), forcing us to move out rapidly, putting things in storage and etc.  However, we did not move in at new location till 30 days was up.

The apartments charged us 3 months rent and cleaning fees in the end, despite them prompting the move.  My wife's veteran ex...Joseph Lucas... Continued driving to our new location without protest for months, at which time he got tired of driving and filed a lawsuit that lied and said we moved without notice and filed a case of contempt and asking for custody of the kids... Kids he routinely refused his time with...even that summer he only took 2 of his 6 weeks, and 1 of that he sent them to his mothers house to watch.

Now, we had documentary evidence against him, and he had participated in it 10 times by the lawsuit but the state of oklahoma allows him to do it.  So, we had to get a lawyer at great cost, lest my wife go to jail.  So...after moving to higher income for the kids, I worked extra hard to pay for a lawyer for my keep her out of jail against obvious false charges by a lazy veteran Republican rather than drive 3 hours or pay to fly her at half the cost (we were paying him 50 percent) who had not even shown interest in seeing them and who the kids had said they didn't want to go with him, each time.  Understanding of motivation came as we read the demands for child support and tax money.

After the first hearings, our lawyer explained that we would not be forced to move back and mediation was scheduled.  However, to try to bring closure and for kids and for our part in mediation, I moved us back. Lucas dropped his case...right?  Wrong.  And, we were finding it hard to find a place willing to take our dog, so we asked him to take the dog...a dog he tried to steal earlier.  He refused...saying he worked too much to care for a dog...but apparently can take care of KIDS.

We emailed apartments saying this is our situation and about our German Shepherd.  One that was offering free January rent said ok problem.  So we moved in, and THEN they said they had a problem with the dog they prior accepted.  I said...ok give us a refund of what we paid, and Echo Trail apts in Tulsa said no and if you leave you owe 4 thousand for breaking the lease.

Great Republican culture right here in GOP Tulsa.  All because I acted fod kids income in going to Dallas and, then, back for an asshole.

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