Trump Actions Make Sense If...

Like most people, it has taken me a year to figure out Donald Trump, but I think I have done it.  Now...the GOP is easy.  They are being led by a religious cult that feels they know best how everyone else should live and blame all manners of evils on not living exactly like them.  So, they elected a President to pass laws to reform the "unsaved" to live like them.

However...Trump does not live like them.  He breaks most of God's Laws publically (showing #evangelicals to be hypocrites)... So, what is HIS motivation.

I think the light flickered when the new book out on him have quotes saying he never wanted to win the Presidency.  Now...much of the book cannot be validated, but just think how much sense this makes.

If Trump never wanted to he President, he wound scurry around, after winning, to look for people to do the job for him...then, spend all day away from the job as much as possible...say Trump properties and golfing?  

Also, when he did actually promote legislation, he would have them pass things that would ensure 2 things....1. That he would never be re-elected (say...offending EVERYONE) and 2. That he would financially prosper, personally, from his time in the White House.

He did one huge favor do us in the process.  We never would have seen how selfish and convictionless the GOP was, if Trump hadn't asked them to literally sacrifice their children for his bank account, and their clergy declared the child sacrifice to be the will of God.

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