What the Shutdown Says of Republicans - Testimony #4

When we were leading up to the last Presidential election, I had several Republicans in my social media from various workplace and "family" links.  Being diverse, I didn't have a problem with them having a difference of opinions, so long as I was able to have mine. Then, I committed the unforgivable sin to narcissists... I disagreed.  I chose to have another point of view.  I chose to say out loud that I was a DEMOCRAT!!!

Suddenly, I was being personally attacked, and someone that was invited to my wedding that was Republican told me he would not be coming.  My wife had one of her friends attack her for her choice, as well, and ended her friendship with her.  One of our daughters was pushed down at her school and called "baby killer" for saying she liked Hillary.

But, this is the GOP.  If you disagree...you are evil.  Gone are the "big tent Republicans" of Rragan diversity.  Now, it is a literal CULT with pastors declaring political alliances as patriotic or treason, and.... Just today...the GOP President tweeted that ALL democrats ...every one of us... Are complicit in any violence done by immigrants (also furthering the implications immigrants are violent).  So, if all Democrats are guilty of murder, what's the next step if we follow the dominoes...why, make being Democrat illegal...

But, its not just Trump.  It's a philosophical infection deep in the party by way of Religion. If ... As they believe... THEY are GOD's party and promoting the entire party platform as Gospel (even if that gospel ..say..takes food away from the hungry or healing from the sick) then it is heresy to consider any other point of view.

Which brings us to a Government Shutdown, where the GOP President and GOP Congress leaders are saying...it's our way or we will shut everything down.  REFUSING the basic social skill that every Kindergartener is taught ... To work well with others.  

In no other job or segment of life can any of us demand things be done ONLY for us at the expense of others, but THAT is how the GOP leads... And that is why all of us that are on their naughty list (2/3 of the country) must end their RULE over us and VOTE them out.

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