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California's 48th District of Russia?

This is a Republican House seat in a Democrat state, but since it is a MILITARY area, I was going to drop it from the list (like 15 percent lead in last election).  But, before moving on to other more winnable seats, I had to cover it to expose the GOP hypocrisy.

This seat is held by Dana Rohrabacher.  If the name sounds familiar, you heard it when the GOP House Leader said, "There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump. Swear to God."  

Indeed, he is a huge Putin advocate, despite representing a military district opposing Russia.  Recently, he has come under investigation by Muller for his Kremlin ties.

As is the norm for Republicans, his positions include: cutting poverty aid, giving Russia a pass on hostilities in Ukraine, ignoring climate change, and said a terror attack in Iran was a good thing...even suggesting Trump ordered it.  He supported a measure to block food from immigrants in California, opposes freedom of marriage choice, and voted for tax cuts for the rich.

His Democrat opponents with the most money include Henry Rouda, Hans Kierstead, and Omar Siddiqui.

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