Closet Republicans- Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I was reflecting, today, on how the drive of the week by the GOP was to attack the INVESTIGATION of the President, and I reflected on how they like to attack the press that reports on what they so...even attacking them for showing their own words and votes....and I realized the perfect name for the GOP...the Don't Ask, Don't Tell party.

You will remember this phrase from the 90s, when the Republican solution to LGBTQ in the military was that they didn't ask if they were that way, and the soldiers kept it to themselves...basically, force others to keep the issue away from them, so they don't look bad in what they know they do (if known they were still expelled).

This is a great analogy of what is happening in government, today.  The GOP response is to not talk about the President refusing to follow Congressional order to sanction Russia.  They don't talk about the millions they are making off a tax bill that cuts aid from the poor.  They don't talk about the Evangelical groups endorsing and defending a confessed adultering RICH guy, when Jesus spent half his ministry listing the love of money as the root of evil...since the evangelicals are guilty of the same root.

It reminds me of Wayward Pines.  If you have not seen it, do so.  A man awakes in a city where everyone acts nice and good.  When he asks questions, they all recite..."don't talk about the past" as it becomes apparent they are being watched by others that would take retribution on them.

And, so we have the GOP that not only doesn't talk about the past but the present, if it is against those that watch and who have ability to cut campaign money or fire them from conservative tv or ministry....don't ask, don't tell.  Keep it to yourself.

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