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Colorado 6th District (Red in Blue)

The next seat for Democrats to take back from the American fascist party (GOP) is Colorado 6th District.

This seat is currently held by Republican Mike Coffman.  However, it is in a state that voted for Hillary by 9 percent.

Realizing he is in Democrat territory, Coffman runs his campaigns with saying Democrat things.  This is getting trendy, as many House Republicans are out there saying they are defending their home from Trump.  FROM TRUMP...even the GOP Congressmen know people hate what Trump is doing.  However, I said that he SAYS Democrat things in campaigns...not what he does when the voters are not looking.  THEN, he...

...tried to put the word "forcible" in a front of a ban on rape, when discussing abortion.  Because.. Non forcible rape is ok?

...opposes background checks for gun purchases.

...Voted against requesting Trump's Tax Returns.

...Said the country should move on after Flynn was fired and not investigate Trump.

...voted for the Trump rich tax cut bill.

...votes to repeal poverty healthcare....but to be fair proposed cuts to military healthcare Tricare, as well.

The most funded Democrat challenger is Jason Crow

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