Culture Not Conspiracy 11 - For PROFIT Healthcare

My Culture Not Conspiracy series is a series of posts I did last year on another blog and this year moved to this one.  They represent things that all society knows, and no one challenges.  Most are masculine in nature... Money, power, lust, etc.  I was going to stop with 10, but there are a few other things not included.  Health Insurance and Healthcare are one of them.  I had already covered the evangelicals hypocrisy in not providing care to the poor.  However, this is the other side...the BUSINESS side of it.

And, business is right...a wealthy one, and everyone knows it.  There is a reason that doctors are on the list of "rich" bachelors many women go after for money.  Also, picture in your head the local hospitals.  Bet you can, because you probably drove past and said, "wow...that building is HUGE."  indeed, the compete with megachurches for their pride in building size (compensating...enough said).

How do you think they got the money for those buildings?  Well, let me give you a recent example of health insurance to let you know (insurers pay hospitals downstream).  I just started a contract job that runs till July.  As part of the job, they offered insurance.  I called and asked for their standard plan.  At the end of the call, I was informed I would be paying 1300 a month for this family plan coverage....with a 9 thousand dollar deductible.

Putting this in real words, it means that I would pay 1300 every month, and if anything happened, i would have to pay the first 9,000 in expenses, before the for profit insurer would pay... ANYTHING.  I think if I reflect on my WHOLE LIFE I am not sure they would total the deductible, and insurance companies KNOW it.  That is how they have bug buildings and why hospitals can charge enough for their RICH environment.

As long as we allow healthcare to be run as a business with shareholders to enrich, this is what we can expect.  It's time for a single payer healthcare system that does not put people into poverty that are WELL to make others wealthy.  

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