Finding Community Among the Judged

For months, I have been pointing out on this blog and on the hypocrisy of the republican "religious" right at odds with their own convictions and exposing their selfish drive for self elevation at the expense of all others.  Recently, I pointed out those in a religious area driving past me without helping with my car that was broken down or those passing me walking in the cold or so on.

What I didn't blog about but have been meaning to are those that HAVE helped me from time to time.  Yes, that night with the broken down car, no one stopped to help my wife or I in the cold.  However, the next night, I did go out to move my car, since the business whose parking lot the car was in was threatening to tow my car (how awesome of them... fyi they are Tek Fin oil and gas parts warehouse.  If you care considering buying from them...don't.

Anyway, so I got out there and started to move my car, and someone came up and offered to help me with a jump start, and someone else came up to help me safely get the car to where we could try.  The man that helped me move the car to safety was a black man, and the ones that offered to help with a jump was a black man and his wife, a white woman...both from California.  Now, I may be guessing a little, but I am betting that none of them were Republicans.  When the jump start failed, they drove me home, and they said, "We know what it is like."  

Exactly.  That is my point.  They are not the only ones that have helped or offered to help, but those that have done so have ALL shared one factor.....they had BEEN there.  They knew what it was like to be poor, destitute, cold, etc, and they didn't want others to be that way.

Indeed, my own experience over decades drives me to help others, where I have struggled myself.  When people are judged, I want to defend them.  When people are hungry, I want to feed them.  When people are feeling alone, I want to be there with them.  

We are not all aholes.  Many of us (most in fact) are fellow targets of the fascist regime, and it is through community that we can find comfort and rise up to secure this country's protections of freedoms for ALL, not to allow the rich the freedom to abuse and mock the very country who pays their taxes and busy their products.  It is not fun to be judged, but it is not unique, either.  We are all a little bit twisted.  Join the party....the Democrat one.

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