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Florida's 26th District (Red in Blue Territory)

The next vulnerable seat in my list of most likely for the Democrats to take back from Republicans is  the Florida 26th District.  It is currently held by Carlos Curbelo, which got the attention of his Hispanic voters from his Cuban heritage.  However, his positions have not been that of a Hispanic representative. 

Carlos gave a presentation to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (hispanic members of the House of Representatives) in 2017 in an attempt to join their caucus.  After his presentation, the caucus voted NOT to admit him into their caucus.

Curbelo votes with Trump wishes 86 percent of the time.  He voted to repeal poverty healthcare.  He has not signed on to support the Dream Act on immigrant protections.  He voted in favor of the rich tax cut bill of 2017.

He maintains some support in his Democrat leaning community from breaking from the main GOP body in supporting same sex marriage, climate change protections, and certain gun restrictions.

However...and this cannot be said enough...any GOP seat gives the majority to the mainstream Republicans...not the exceptions.  It wouldn't be Curbelo but RYAN setting GOP legislation agendas.  As long as there is a majority, one republican over majority is too much, and it is the moderate seats that determine which extreme has power...those led by MONEY or democracy.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has endorsed his Democrat challenger in 2018, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

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