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"What is that supposed to mean? I'm so sick of that! All that means is that it wasn't personal to you. But it was personal to me. It's personal to a lot of people. What is so wrong with being personal anyway? " - Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail

My new...used... car broke down the other day.  The experience added to my anthology of experiences in the world that the poor live in, compared to the world of the rich.  I sat there for 15 minutes, as 100 cars drove by without stopping to ask if I needed help....10 yards away from them with my hood up. 

Then, today, I called around to see how much it would cost to get a jump start, and the running rate is....get this...50 dollars for a jump start.  FIFTY bucks for a truck to drive out to where you are, hook up two wires, let them start their car, and drive away.

The experience kinda bubbled up in me, along with everything else I have experienced over the last year of living in poverty and how the world is happy to leave you there and spit on you, as they pass by.  It is not how things are supposed to be, and I intend to do something about it.

The line, above, was Kathleen Kelly's response in You've Got Mail to Joe Fox saying how he acted was business, not personal.  Unfortunately, that is how our economy has turned.  Everyone charges the most they can get away with.  Even in capitalism economic theory (an economic theory focused on profit instead of need), that is not how is is SUPPOSED to work.  Capitalism is SUPPOSED to work by competition, which in theory is supposed to LOWER the costs.  People charge less than their competitor, which brings customers to them.  This, in turn, results in lower costs, which is more affordable by the largest market, which is the poorest.  However, current capitalism is mega companies that set prices as HIGH as they can get away with, because everyone else is doing it.

Sound familiar?  I have posted many blogs on other of my blogs about those living by the lowest common denominator and our need to rise above it.  And, I am adding to those blogs with a personal mission and a call to others.

When I end my time working at IBM for this contract position (ending in July), I intend to not only return to Ubering (which I chose as it helps people) and food delivery, but I intend to create a personal business to do jobs around town (including JUMP STARTS) at half the price of competitors...NOT because it will result in sales (tho undoubtably it will) but because people NEED it, and I am tired of rich providers setting high prices for the greatest commission which can only be paid by those who don't NEED anything at all.  I intend to help people in their point of need, and the rest can just go to h***.

Join me in this endeavor to return humanity to society.

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