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A month from now, I will no longer be at IBM...thank God.  I won't go into specific details, but s suffice to say that every reason I LEFT the company years ago are still there...and they're on steroids, now.  But, the main reason I don't want to give specifics is that I don't want you to miss the truths to be found outside of this be found in YOUR company.  Because while this company has major issues, it is not abnormal for business, and that is the problem....BUSINESS.

You recall Trump was praised for his wealth, which I discussed in the blog post by that name.  All that means is he is skilled at making a profit, which is the goal of all greedy men.  Unfortunately, that is a common reality in a capitalist society, where shareholders appoint CEO's and managers that will get them money, no matter what.  So, those most successful will be adept at cutting costs, such as reducing the number of employees and doubling up the work load on those that remain, as well as hiring the cheapest and most inexperienced to manage and using outdated equipment. 

Everyone feels like their managers don't care for them, and they are right.  They care about getting the most from you at the least amount of pay.  Then, when things go wrong with the little training and no managerial ownership of tasks, you shoot the low paid and replaceable worker and move on.  THAT is corporate America, and God help us if that is how we run a country.

Then, last year, I made a happy accident.  I couldn't get an accounting job, and I started to Uber, based in part on a Kimmie Schmidt character job.  It didn't pay a lot, but wow....I was HAPPY, daily.  I learned that happiness could not be bought,  because it is often found in the tasks that pay the least cash but most smiles.

The world may be driven by dollar signs, but how is that working out for them.  Do they love work and their boss, or do they talk of what they do away from there?  Wouldn't you rather do something you love?  I would, and in a month I will be back behind the wheel and smiling, daily.  What a wonderful life.

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