Free2b LGBTQ ... Superbowl Reminder I am not MALE

As we near the big male orgasm day, I am reminded at every turn that I am not male.  In fact, I feel like I need to apologize on behalf of those that share my body type.  Super bowl Sunday...ugh.

Of course, living in the midwest, I am reminded that there are plenty of "men" with women's physical bodies, as well.  It doesn't take long to run across them talking about which of their teams are going to CRUSH to others.  But, this is Oklahoma.  Many a very much homo gender format, seek out women who also like to cheer on their teams, go hunting with them, and so on.  Or, maybe these women only pretend to do so to get the attention of men that, otherwise, wouldn't notice them....because midwestern men are pretty much gay...preferring to be around other men in gyms, bars, games, etc.  And, I support their right to be gay and be among their own gender.  I certainly, being feminine, prefer to be among those that ALSO would rather be at a museum than a boxing match.

But, sigh....tomorrow, men will gather around tv's to watch men crash into one another (and get aroused by it), and women...desperate to gain their attention... will strip down to less clothes than strippers wear on the field and shake their ass  in the men's face.  They can claim they are doing it for equality, but all men see is....oh look...a woman to use for sex.  No wonder they think women are sex objects.  But, we honor this lusty male ejaculation with billion dollar commercials and million dollar contracts.  Wonder how our little boys will grow up respecting women...hmm.

Well, I for one won't be watching, because I not only couldn't care less about sports and using women, but then....I am not male, or am I...Mr conservative?  Either I'm not male, or you are just a lusty prick, and I am much better than you.  Your pick.

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