GOP Plan: Walled in Country, Armed Guarded Schools .. Fascism... Nah..

He had trained for this.  Michael clicked his rifle off safety, as he ventured out into the battle zone, listening for the sound of his target's movement and watching for a gun barrel to peak around the corner to zero in on him.  Not the kind of life that most would want, but he volunteered for service in this warzone...his child's public school...

What country are we living in?  I ask, because, talking about a government that put walls around their country and armed soldiers in our schools would have brought to mind the East German Soviet wall of the cold war or North Korea, presently.  Or, it would bring to mind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in their schools.  However, we are talking about the United States of Trump.  Indeed, it's not even a... well, we didn't want to do it, but there is no other option...mentality.  It is what they CAMPAIGN on.  In the aftermath of the most recent Florida school shooting, the GOP response is the same as the letter I just got from my Republican community's school superintendent that says...

"Union has a well-trained, armed, full time security force with officers stationed on campus."  Trained, armed ...force.  Call it what it is... SOLDIERS.  So, this GOP government is putting a wall around us, patrolled by guards (that can keep people in as easy  as out) and putting armed government forces in our community to patrol us and make sure we keep in line.  What exactly separates us from those dictatorial governments, again?  As you reflect on that (and the fact that this is exactly the tyranny the conservatives say they need guns to guard against), here are some pictures from recent and ongoing tv series' out there.  Take a bit to watch one of them.  Maybe it can scare us out of BECOMING them, next...

The Handmaid's Tale


Electric Dreams - Safe and Sound

The Man in High Castle

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