Ignore What They Say, Watch What They DO (or Don't Do)

If there is one thing that this week has shown us, it is that ANYONE can say ANYTHING, and they will be believed by those that WANT it to be TRUE (even if they know it is not).  So, when the President is nearing his State of the Union address and knows his ratings among the American people are low, what does he (and the GOP at large) do to pump up the numbers for the speech and the election year to follow.  Why...they LIE.

If you are Trump, and it is your job to list all of your accomplishments...and saying things like, "I made a Billion dollars off being President," or, "I cut healthcare for the poor" makes you look like an ass (bingo), you have to start listing things you DIDN'T do....like things that were already in motion from Obama policies or things done by industry that had nothing to do with you.

Now, Republicans will shoot back and say...all political parties lie, and that is often times true.  Just this week, Bernie Sanders was being critical of Trump for failing  to enact the sanctions on Russia that Congress had passed for him to do...when Mr. Sanders voted AGAINST the sanctions.

So, what do you do if all politicians lie to know what they really believe?  As is true with relationships, if you want to know whether someone cares for you, pay attention to whether they actually CARED for you....in actions.  People can lie with their lips a lot easier than they can lie with their deeds.

So....when Trump starts talking about supporting the dreamers, lets recall that he ...personally... vetoed their protections and ordered his immigration services to start expelling them.  When he talks about spending, let's recall that he, personally, pushed a tax bill that ADDS to the national debt.  When he talks about freedom, let's not forget he almost DAILY tweets against the freedom of others to kneel, read, speak, or vote other than he demands they do for him.  When he talks about healthcare, recall he canceled the health protections they were granted by Obama.

So, when you hear both parties speaking about helping the little man, remember who is actually KNOWN for helping them, and who is known for getting rich OFF of them.  That tells you all you need to know.

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