Republican Isolation is Our Best Outcome

I would LOVE to blog to you about how the Republican party needs to end, because it has lost community participation elements and have taken on fascist social control elements of others outside their circle....and that is true... but it is not going to happen.

Frankly, it can be exhausting and disheartening to those without experience in dealing with Republicans or Evangelicals, because they actually believe they will change.  These are EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS that voted for a man that has broken every commandment and puts his name in gold wealth on all his things, and the evangelical has no problem for that....even if Jesus expressly said that the love of wealth will send you to hell and is the route of all evil.

These are also republicans that VOTED to cut taxes for their schools at the SAME time that they were voting for Trump, and they voted to put GOVERNMENT FUNDED BIBLES in front of non religious students at the schools they are required to attend. 

These are the SAME Republicans that buy scores of books supporting their bigotry that ALL Islam is evil, and the Democrats are part of a freemason conspiracy to control the world (that is the actual plot of a book I bought in a church bookstore).

The point is...Trump being exposed is not going to change their support of him.  If anything, it would increase their support, as they say...see Trump is being attacked for being just like me.  NOTHING Trump could do would be seen as bad, because they define their entire morality worldview around what the Republican Party says (pure fascism). 

So, since they cannot be reasoned with and are not going to change their minds about controlling the rest of us (it is, after all, their self proclaimed mission from God), the best that WE can hope to accomplish is the cut them out of all of our liberal states, so they have only seats from their conservative areas, and the MAJORITY are free to THEIR states to live lives toward their American dream of freedom to be whatever they dream of being...happily.

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