The GOP Bubble - What They Hear

This week, I was riding in an Uber, where the guy was blaring Rush Limbaugh all the way in getting us home.  I think that liberals need to venture over to conservative outlets from time to time to see what it is that GOP voters are hearing, there, because that is the ONLY thing they are hearing, and when people with agenda have that much control over their audience with no fear of consequence, what else can you expect than propaganda.  It's not like Foxnews even uses the phrase "fair and balanced" or runs disclaimers at the bottom of the screen that their words are opinion, as they did when the channel launched.  They KNOW they are biased.  They see themselves as the bias response to attacks on themselves, which is really just FREEDOM.

Discrimination is not about "those people," even though that is what reveals it..  Discrimination is about oneself and feeling you or your way is SO superior that EVERYONE should be like you or do things your way.  To those....diversity or even DISCUSSION is a "threat" to "PROGRESS"...and that realization will do wonders in helping you understand GOP motivation.  To someone that feels they are superior, saying they are flawed or even that there is another acceptable way is to not only challenge them on their current point but their entire reason for being, whether that be their religious, career, or government life.  After their mind...what is the point of "convictions" if not to CONVICT others (can't possibly be self improvement, because, in their mind they ARE the improvement).

So...back to the car ride.  I am sure that this driver felt he was doing a service in providing this much so that he did us the service of turning down the heat (after picking us up in sub-freezing temp), which made the radio more pronounced.  And, what did I hear

In the span of 5 minutes, I heard the following, about the stock market crashing..

...Trump market is 33 percent higher than where it began.
...the market is not the economy
...In a GROWING market, there would be inflationary pressure, so of course the market would correct
...the real threat is uncertainty, and the cause of that uncertainty is Democrats criticism of the President.

So, beginning with a 1,000 point drop in a single day in the Trump economy, conservatives LEARNED that this was a sign that Trump was superior and criticism was treason to the country.  How...North Korean or Russian...

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