It has been one of those "truths" we have been fed, since we were little people.  Money is good, and more money is better.  So, those with lots of wealth are idolized.  Even in cartoons, were were supposed to be in awe at the money of Scrooge McDuck (ignoring that he is named after the greedy manager in Dickens story).  There is an ad out there, right now, where Bruce Wayne is asked what superpower he has as Batman, and he replies..."I'm rich."  The rockstars and athletes and actors do commercials of them in lots of gold, cars, and more.  The epitome of respect, apparently.  But, is it?  What does it mean to be rich...not in social terms but in the scope of humanity?

Before we continue, consider a school pizza party.  There are 8 kids in a group given a pizza.  However, ONE feels he deserves more than one slice.  Therefore, he takes two.  There are only 8 slices.  So, basic math...which kid doesn't get a slice of pizza, so he can be "honored."

There is literally a limited amount of money in the country.  Now, Republicans can say "poof" we raised the debt limit, but all that means is that now they are not only taking YOUR money but your kids money (that must pay it back, after they are out of office), as well.

However, Republicans not only do not see a problem with this getting rich off others...they campaign on it.  We must pay... LESS TAXES, they say.  Taxes are used for poverty aid.  However, they are not asking for the ability to have more money to give to the poor (it would be a net zero effect if they did).  Further, as I highlight in many of my GOP testimony posts, they don't GIVE to the poor. Is there a soup kitchen in YOUR church?  Further, Congress would be totally able to put restrictions on such activity.  They could say, you get a tax credit for every job you make or donation you give.  Indeed, those credits EXIST thanks to Democrats.  No, the GOP tax cuts are WITHOUT SOCIAL REQUIREMENT and being demanded by those WITH RICHES.

When Trump ran, people were like, his business shows he is very good at running a business (despite the bankruptcies), so he will run the country like his business.  Indeed, he is doing just that.  He is heaping up PERSONAL wealth by cutting money to others and putting the rest on credit.  He IS running the country like a business.  The problem is.. no one likes business.

When I did a small period trying to sell insurance, everyone immediately responded to me with suspicion.  The expected I was lying, because it was ...business.  EVERY job I have worked at, the employees hated management, because they were only about MONEY without care for their workers....thus the Christmas Carol Scrooge metaphor, again.  However, we are supposed to equate wealth to societal success?  Indeed, wealth should not only be not honored, but it should be condemned.  When someone builds a mansion in the middle of a ghetto, or when someone touts their cash to those starving, it shows the lowest level of human ethics on earth.  If there is ANYONE more deserving of not only TAX cut PRISON for being good at overcharging others for wealth, it is them.

Tax the greedy rich monarchy of our society, and there will be more than enough for every man, woman, and child to have a livable wage, healthcare, education, and more.  It is time we renewed FDR's New Deal with the common American that said that we as a nation OWE RESPONSIBILITY to those in our land...and so we do.

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