Winning and Losing Has Nothing to Do with Right and Wrong

Tonight was date night with my beautiful lady,s  and we went to see Maze Runner: The Death Cure.  Don't worry...I will give no spoilers for this movie.  It is more the plot of not only this movie but all the Maze Runner movies that I want to address, because I think it is very applicable to our society, today.

The story of this movie series deals with a situation, where the planet has been overrun by a devastating virus.  Without going too much into detail, the main characters have something special about their blood, as they are immune.  Those with POWER, decide that for the good of society, they should control the kids, while other fight for their freedom.

Isn't that EXACTLY where we find ourselves, today?  People want freedom.  They are not intent on hurting society or others.  They just want to LIVE their LIFE their way.  However, others sit in guilded offices in other places and decide whether their way of living society is beneficial to everyone else.  If not, they declare it in the interests of national security or supposed societal morality that this one person be controlled for the good of everyone else.

At this point, I know that I have a third of my readers... Republicans... that says... what's wrong with that?  We have to look out EVERYONE, and in that scheme of things, one person isn't that important.  Does that sound familiar?  Well, if you are a Bible reader, it probably sounds like this....

"Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.” - John 11:49-50

Yup...the plot to kill Jesus to keep all others from leaving Judaism to follow him.  It may be murder, but's good for the NATION.  The ends justify the means...but do they?  If we sacrifice our morals, what do we have as our guiding light?
There was one scene in this movie where one evil character was demanding the cure at gun point and was asking the girl if she was going to give it to the main character, saying that was a waste.  She said that it may be, "But, it is his."

His blood.  His life.  His choice.  He was a individual, not a lab rat.  As has been said many times (even by myself), wrong is wrong, even if it is what everyone is doing or benefit everyone, and right is right, even if it causes you to fail.

In fact, right and wrong has nothing to do with whether you think you can win or lose.  Most inspiring or history changing stories in life are done by those that don't know the outcome.  All they know is the right direction to go.  What is on the other side will come, after.  The ONLY important factor is if it is time for a change.

In our society, we are definitely in need of a change, and it is time we rise up and more. It is time  we "call B.S." as the parkland protesters put it.  We may not know what lies on the other side, and we might be worse off after the change.  However, THAT is irrelevant as to whether it should be done.  It is always more efficient when a business...or a government...takes freedom out of the equation, but that does not make it RIGHT.  It may not be profitable to care for others, you literally have to give up available money for others...that s what charity IS.  However, profiting off the poor is wrong, and giving it up to them is right, even if not to you, personally.

And, any system that does not get that needs to end, whatever the cost.

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