Oklahoma as Prototype of GOP America

So, I was forced to move back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, due to my wife's ex that would rather sue us to drag us back 3 hours than drive to the Tulsa airport (a 20 min drive) to get his daughter for weekends (at our expense).  But, he did me one favor in doing so...I get to post life examples of how horrible life in a GOP nation state would be.

And, it is a VERY good example.  Oklahoma is one of the reddist of the red GOP states, and it has been so for a very long time.  So, what will the nation look like, under GOP power?


One by one, major oil companies have been leaving Tulsa to go elsewhere.  You could say it was for trade reasons (much like the Trump trade tarrifs), but I have worked in a few of them, here.  It's not money.  In at least ONE of those cases at Sutherland, the employees working there were untrained and used that as an excuse to NOT work...opting to watch netflix, instead, and protest when supervisors put deadlines on their work (similar to the customer service in the area I wrote about on another of my blogs kencliftoncreative.blogspot.com )...deep sigh...ugh..ok.

But, it's not just oil companies.  This city...and the whole state...is filled with ruins of closed businesses of the past.  I grew up in a tiny town in Oklahoma that touted it's history as a train stop A HALF a CENTURY closed, and the businesses the that used to be fed by it. Tulsa still has signs for closed bookstores, hotels, restaurants, and has literal MUSEUMS to the businesses of the past...back when Tulsa was big...while doing everything they can to drive out more.


Every major road in Tulsa has lanes closed for construction, and when I say "construction" I mean lanes closed with barriers with NO ONE WORKING on them.  Why?  No money.  When they ARE being worked on, it is not logically scheduled of close this one and open that one, when done...because nothing is ever DONE.  So, for example, last week, they closed BOTH major exits from Tulsa, downtown...at the same time.  People had to leave via back roads from the city business center...and I wonder why businesses leave.


Traffic is terrible, as I talked about in the kencliftoncreative page, also.  Almost no one is pulled over, anymore, in the expressway or highways...or anywhere.  So, it is a daily driving experience to drive defensively for people shooting through red lights, cutting in front of you in traffic at 60 miles an hour, and more.  Why?  Cops are "busy" in hiding places eating food and keeping themselves from having to work at their job.  And, no one is gonna make them.  Tulsa is a copy boys club, and there have been cops caught committing crime and being accused of murder, and the penalty is PAID suspension to another area in the force.

But, you DO see cops out on the street, every week...right about right now in fact.  If you go throughout Tulsa, right now on Sunday, you will see them blocking traffic out on the streets for CHURCHES to enter and exit services....cause, you know...that's not STATE sponsored RELIGION or anything.  Uh huh.

Social Aid

Every election, the schools try to get a little money for their classrooms, and every election, the public votes AGAINST giving the teachers (among lowest paid in the nation) any pay increase or supplies for their classroom, even though the GOP is big on giving the teachers GUNS for their violent "poor" students.  Here's a thought, make the students less POOR, so they are less desperate and depressed.

However, that is not gonna happen.  In Tulsa, if you want public housing, you are going to be on a YEAR long waiting list, once you show yourself to be poor enough to need it.  Get that?  You have to be basically homeless to be told to WAIT a year for poverty housing.  Need healthcare?  Well, your KIDS may get it, but adults in the state are sht out of luck, unless you are a pregnant woman.  The GOP healthcare plan for MEN is ...well...here's a gun to end your suffering.

This is just a few snapshots of what it is like to live in a GOP state.  Do you really want this for an entire nation?  Well, that is their plan, unless we do something to take the nation back from this death eater party and inject LIFE back into the forefront as a priority.

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