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Pennsylvania 6th and 7th District (Red in Blue)

Pennsylvania is in the news for a special election seat that may flip blue, and I hope them the best.  However, 3 seats are more likely for that state come November.  I will cover the top two today 

6th District

The 6th District voted for Clinton as President and the GOP congressman for Rep.  However, aside from the GOP losing support, the state Supreme Court threw out the Republican drawn district map, so the next vote will be more fair.

The district is currently represented by Ryan Costello (a man) and his opponent is a woman Chrissy Houlahan.

7th District

Same setup as the 6th...the GOP took the district after changing district maps, which have now been struck down putting Republican Pat Meehan in political jeopardy.  Aside from general anti public support policies nornal for being a Republican, he is also in the news for another thing becoming normal for the GOP ..sexual harassment.  The New York Times reported in January that he used taxpayer funds to settle a lawsuit of a woman that refused his advances, causing him to get angry.  

There are multiple Democrat potentials running with no clear leader, yet.

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