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California's 49th District

Tomorrow is the primary in California, and the primary is VERY important in this state for one reason.  The primary...thanks to a past GOP Gov. is an...

"open, nonpartisan primary in June, with the first- and second-place candidates heading to the November election, no matter which party they represented." - New York Times

So, here's where the risk comes in.  If the Democrats split between several candidates (natural for Democrats diversity), there can be the real possibility that the top two candidates are Republicans (since the party is not diverse having few options), leaving NO Democrats for the general election in November.

So, for the California 49th District election the choices to defeat the current Republican Issa (who voted with Trump 100% of the time) contender are ..

Mike Levin
Sara Jacobs
Paul Kerr

However, as much as I want a feminist voice in the position, and both Sara and Paul have more money than Levin, Levin has twice the delegate support. 

Issa is not running, but the GOP are running more clones.  This district voted for Hillary in 2016, so it is ripe for a Democrat win.  So, let's consolidate our vote for a DNC win by voting for Levin.

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