The Real Threat - The GOP Leadership & Agenda

It's hard not to be distracted by the GREAT and POWERFUL OZ of Donald Trump, forgetting the man behind the curtain that is pulling the strings.  That person is not Vladimir Putin, as shocking as that sounds.  It is the GOP Party that CHOSE Donald Trump, got him elected, and is defending not only himself but all his agenda...which is not even HIS agenda but the agenda of the party, itself.

This is a story that I have been wanting to write, as I keep seeing new elements of it.  However, Trump kept the attention on this or that scandal, which are WORTHY scandals of a would be dictator.  However, neither I nor many other political writers have had the time to write it.

Then, I saw, today, that the "GOP Chairwoman" was threatening anyone that dares to not only oppose the President but "anyone that does not embrace the @realdonaldtrump agenda..will be making a mistake."  Now, that is on it's face American political party leader DEMANDING that all Americans bow down to the supreme leader is something akin to something we see among the political dictators of the world (with whom Trump has expressed admiration and political alliances).  However, the hidden story under the story is WHO it was saying that.

The GOP Chairwoman is Ronna McDaniel....Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel.  Or, the NIECE of Mitt Romney.  Remember when Mitt Romney was the voice of opposition to Trump in the GOP, according to Fox News. much opposition that his niece is out there threatening EVERYONE to fall in line with Trump, or else.

Then, there is Huckabee.  The former ARKANSAS Governor Huckabee was ALSO presented as being the voice of opposition to Trump.  Well...who is the current White House speechwriter that is so willing to lie, daily, for Trump.  It is Sarah HUCKABEE Sanders...the only daughter of Gov Mike Huckabee.

Sensing a pattern, here?  Then, In 2017, Ronna Romney McDaniel appointed three people as the Deputy Finance Chairs of the GOP...

"I am delighted to announce the addition of these longtime friends of the Party and supporters of this administration to our Finance leadership team,” said Chairwoman McDaniel. “Elliott Broidy, Michael Cohen, and Louis DeJoy will serve as National Deputy Finance Chairmen.."

Elliott Broidy has since resigned, after it was learned he had an affair with a Playboy model, and Michael Cohen (the second Deputy Finance Director and the Trump attorney at the center of both the Russia scandal) paid off the model to the tune of 1.6 million dollars (a similar procedure he did for paying off TRUMP's porn star affair, Stormy Daniels).

The 3rd Deputy chair is Louis Dejoy.  Louis is an outspoken anti-communist activist, "responsible for building the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C. " as says his own website.  Now...what is it that communism is known for...democratic distribution of wealth to the poor.  What is the other side of that spectrum...FASCISM.  Indeed, the company that gave Dejoy his money was New Breed Logistics...a funny name for a trucking company....almost racial, once might say.  However, his site also notes that his foundation provides the funding for the Jesse Helms Center....Jesse Helms that is a former congressman known for quoting the Bible to condemn both blacks and gays.  Sound familiar?  Louis's wife, Alona Wos, was on the staff of Pat McCrory in the North Carolina Governor's Office from 2012-2015.  Pat made news a few years ago for signing a law that REQUIRED people to use the bathroom of their birth certificate and forbade cities from passing rules to the contrary.  So, that is the political mentality of that family.

So, if these are the DEPUTY Finance Chairs, who was the FINANCE director for the RNC... Steve Wynn ..."from January 2017 to January 2018, when he resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations."  

But, back to the GOP Chairwoman, herself.  Trump handpicked her to be the GOP leader, and shortly after making that choice had her fully fund and support child molester Roy Moore, which the party faithfully complied.

Now, you could say that it is Trump that is the director of this party's corruption, but it really doesn't matter.  Either a racist, homophobic, and evangelical Trump picked party leaders to whip the nation into obedience to his rule, or ...more likely as these all existed in the party prior to him... a racist, homophobic, and evangelical PARTY got THEIR PRESIDENT and set about establishing their rule and rules over all others in all other states.

The point is....Trump is just a petty despot, that would sell out his family for a dollar, and he is getting rich off his acting job of being the President.  However, even if he is removed, the REPUBLICAN PARTY behind him will remain, and THAT is the biggest threat to the USA.

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